Crazy hair day


This is homecoming week at Bedrock High. Yesterday was superhero day, tomorrow is favorite sports team day, today is crazy hair day.

My hair, as many of you know, comes in only one style: crazy. But apparently mere crazy is not crazy enough for crazy hair day.

By a stroke of luck, one of my freshman had brought paint with her and so she and some fellow frosh hairstylists offered to goop me up with red and yellow, turning my head into a reasonable facsimile of eternal damnation.

Now my head matches my shoes.

I have a pair of shoes (which unfortunately I canna find a picture of anywhere but they are orange leather Vans) which the kids love. They are "tight kicks" and make me an object of some veneration. If one ne'er-do-think dislikes them, a posse of the righteous will hang them by their intestines for dissing such sweet shoes.

My hair today elicited similar responses.

I have been informed that I should wear my hair this way everyday.

I think it's time to get it all whacked off.


  1. I almost wish we had days like that. My "crazy" days are when I wear jeans. I wonder if I could do something for Halloween.

  2. 1)Did you dress up for Superhero day?

    2)I know your favorite sport is football, so who ya gonna be????

  3. I hope you dressed up as the Scarecrow for Superhero day. (Supervillains count, I'm sure, especially if you're a teacher.)

  4. .

    Oh, Scarecrow! I wish I had.

    Actually, Superhero Day being Monday, I completely forgot it.

    For sports team day, I'm waxing Python and I came as or Westchester Accountant.

  5. Oh, if you're waxing Python, you should be one of the German philosopher soccer players.

  6. It sounds kind of like you did supervillian and crazy hair on the same day and went for the Syndrome look.

  7. .

    One of the students called me Syndrome as well, so I guess that's it.

    And I certainly hope Mr Fob knows who that is by now.

    And the German Philosophers were my favorite team until the Greeks totally come alive at the end of the match and find their eureka. I love that.