Comic King


Although Master Fob graciously educated me in superheroes while we lived in the same mountain valley, I have to admit that my taste in comics runs along a different line than his. My favorite of recent years was this book, and in the last week I've spent a hundred and fifty dollars (pretax) on this and this, which add to my proud collection that already includes this and this and will soon include this and this.

Yesterday, I escaped the Devil's Den (I went in the use the bathroom) without purchasing either this or this, though I fondled both inappropriately.

The fact is, I love comics or comix or sequential art or whatever you choose to call it. I think it's a wildly expressive medium and if anyone is looking for a primer I suggest this again, or this or this.

If you want superheroes, perhaps my favorite of Master Fob's suggestions was this one.

And of course, if you haven't already indulged, you should certainly try this.

Or this, which Time just called one of the best books ever.

Or this. Or this. Or this.


  1. Comics are dead to me.

    I "invested" in what I thought were the original editions of the first three "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comics about twenty years ago. I've held on to them all this time, only to be cruelly disappointed when I decided I wanted to sell them recently. They're not first editions at all, and are virtually worthless, except for the fact that they are fantastic stories, brilliantly illustrated.

    Also, my ex-husband used to spend $100 a month on comics. When he couldn't, he threw a tantrum and threatened suicide. This sometimes made me wonder about things, and probably has a lot to do with my current aversion to comics.

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    I can understand that. I don't like Brie because I fell into a vat and almost drowned.

    Or at least that's what I should tell all the people I know who love the stuff.

  3. Ooh. That Complete Calvin & Hobbes collection looks beautiful.

    I've often wondered about your aversion to Brie, Th., and now I understand. I imagine that was traumatic.

    I proudly spend less than $50 a month on comics. And I fund that as much as possible by selling comics on eBay. And I would most certainly not throw a tantrum or threaten suicide if I couldn't.

  4. And I do like Blankets. Even though it shows parts of the human body which, practical as they may be, are evil. Which, I suspect, is partly why I own the book and the library does not. Though you'd never get TPTB at the library to admit that.

  5. Um, doesn't Watchmen also show some of those practical/evil parts of the body as well? I really love Blankets, and if we have the money for buying Christmas presents this year I am going to buy it for my little brother. I am also insanely jealous of your owning both Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side. Maybe I should stop eating so many french fries and save my money for those instead.

  6. I was about to say, you should check out Kingdom Come, but then it was the one Fob was into. It really is the best ever.

    I spent a lot on comics, I can't buy the Calvin and Hobbes complete since I have almost every one of the old ones. But soon my collection of Bloom County will be complete, I'm only missing two more.

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    I once had a near complete C&H collection, then I went on a mission then to a university and somehow they all disappated.

    And yes, C&H, Far Side and Peanuts. All three of them are in just the most beautiful books.

  8. I like Brie.

    I like Calvin and Hobbes also.

    I keep meaning to read that one comic book that Master Fob recommended that one time. I hope I can find it without a title. There can't be too many comic books out there, right?

  9. Melyngoch--I believe it was Blankets. At least it might have been. I don't remember.

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    If not, I'll recommend it.