My toe


I was going to steal two more ideas today (from Foxy and Brozy), but I don't have the copious artwork necessary for the Brozy-theft. (It's all zipped up on a disk at my apartment.)

And so, my toe.

I have new shoes. They are orange leather Vans and the kids love them. They also must be pinching a nerve because since I started wearing them, my right big toe has gone numb.

At first I thought it was just cutting off blood flow, but shouldn't blood flow back after a few hours? Because it isn't.

Anyone know if I should be worried about this? Elementary students everywhere know you can't stand up without a big toe.


  1. I don't think you should be worried about it. The feeling will come back to your toe once you stop wearing pleated pants. Because cool orange leather Vans don't like pleats.

  2. I hate it when you have some ailment that you are not entirely sure is benign. Then you have to not only decide if it is a real problem, but then decide whether it should be brought to a doctor's attention. Is it ever worth the risk of wasting time and money it takes to get something diagnosed?