There is something I would like to tell you all about, something I would like to get off my chest, something I don't want to pretend about anymore.

I like girls.

I remember when I first discovered I liked girls. It was early 1999, shortly after I had moved to Provo, Utah. I had volunteered to give a girl a ride in my automobile and after she got into my car and put on her seatbelt, I turned on the car and prepared to back out of my parking space.

"You like girls, don't you?" she said.


"You like girls."

She gestured to my cd player which was, I believe, playing K's Choice, a Belgian band fronted by a woman.

"Everytime I get in your car, there's a girl singing."

I thought back and realized she was right. Moonpools & Caterpillars. Juju Club. Natalie Merchant. Even a Lilith Fair cd! How could I have been so blind!

I was stunned and could give no answer but this:

"I guess you're right."

And it's been downhill from there.


  1. Hmm. I think that I'm pretty confused. I mean, if we're talking country, then I am clearly heterosexual--Dolly and Faith all the way. Put if it's pop, then I'm mostly homosexual--I like me my boy bands, though I'll flip for Kelly and Britney. And then if it's vocal, I'm rather bi--Celine and Josh Groban, Linda Eder and Il Divo. But then I get all sorts of confused with my current favorite group--Black Eyed Peas. Maybe I'm polysexual.

    Te he he. My word verification is jumbjdva. It's all about the Jumbo Divas, man.

  2. Th., I--well, I don't know what to say. I'm shocked. I never would have suspected it. I mean, you think you know someone, then all of a sudden they go and say something like this. On your blog, even. I'm hurt that I didn't merit a personal coming out. But then, who am I? Nobody, I guess. Just one of the people included in your mass blog coming out party. Thanks a lot. Really, all those times you said you like Dave Matthews and the Beatles, were you just trying to pass? I bet that Eric Clapton album you have is just a beard. Man. I'm not sure I'll feel comfortable around you anymore.

  3. .

    Actually, I do like Dave and the Beatles and I'm developing a thing for Johnny Cash.

    But in my heart of hearts, it will always be girls.

  4. I have to say that I suffer from the same malady. I also prefer women. Hopefully my future wife will never find out. What if she walked in on me and Sarah Mclachlan singing Adia?

  5. .

    It's an awkward situation to find yourself in, believe me.