A mildly cheesy acrostic svithe


Sabbath comes once a week and is the occasion in which I attempt to honor God in some bizarre, thericular way by svithing, The.

Vernacular scripture came about a few hundred years ago and opened up religion to schmucks like me--without this innovation, svithing wouldn't exist.

Internet allows us to communicate with people quickly and easily and svithily, The.

Today--there is always a today--and today's today is beautiful (if I look hard enough) and wonderful (in some way)--as is every today--like today, for instance.

Hardiness is a trait I admire, but since physical labor for God would likely kill me, instead I am a hardy, weekly svither.

Everything in this world testifies of God's goodness to us--therefore everything is worthy svithe material--therefore I still have a long way to go--therefore I'll see you again next week--on the flipsvithe.....

Last week's svithe

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  1. You are a genious.

    I'm somewhat troubled that you didn't run with the Father's Day theme, though.