Finding music I like! Exclamation point!


Today I worked. Then I stayed at work and did my homework. Then I checked blogs and, on a whim, went to Amazon and punched in Neko Case and Roseanne Cash and then the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Amazon is about the only way to listen to music here as everything else is blocked. So I would hit Listen to All and hear thirty second clips from the songs on the albums.

They were all good, but I ended up listening to those seven minutes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs over and over and over again. What a great voice!

I've read a lot about the band in our free Rolling Stone subscription and I knew the mag liked them, but guess what? I do too.

After listening to it the forty-seventh, I hit the button to listen to related music and guess what? I like other artists I've been reading about too. I like Cat Power. I like Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. I like the New Pornographers. I like Wolf Parade and Built to Spill and the Raconteurs. And I like other bands I hadn't read about: the Sounds, for instance. Sufjan Stevens.

Add this to my interest in My Morning Jacket and We Are Scientists and maybe it's time for me to be hip again. Who knows how long I'll have the chance?

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  1. I love the We Are Scientists CD. I got it about a month ago. It's some good stuff.