The Sibs


Though my no means am I about to provide a Cicadian breakdown of my family, since they have started coming up, I feel I had better give them some blogonyms. Here we are:

1. Theric, m
2. Canary, f
3. Reb, m
4. Braj, m
5. Giggles, f
6. Wyote, m

Sibs, the blogosphere.


  1. I started by just calling them One through Five, but then Five started giving himself all sorts of names, and so now I figure I'd also better start thinking up some better names for my siblings in the blog world.

    It would, of course, be more pressing if I actually interacted with any of my siblings besides Five. But I complain.

  2. I tried anonymity, but it's not in my blood or my nature to conceal information. So unless I know they prefer a blognym to their name, I just use their name. It should probably be the other way around, but whatever...

  3. I'll never be able to keep them straight unless they have accompanying cartoons...

  4. .

    You realize how hard you make life for the rest of us, Cicada?