Lucky Number Seven Thousand


According to SiteMeter, I should have my 7000th visitor before I wake up tomorrow.

Via los Thmusings!


  1. I hope you plan on sleeping in quite a bit, as you still have 37 to go as of me.

    And by "Via" do you mean "Viva"? Or are you saying that you'll have 7000 visitors by way of the Thmusings?

  2. .

    Both are true.

    And anyway, SiteMeter is low. I added it months after I started Thmusings. BlogPatrol would be much closer to accuracy except it's always down and has no idea what's going on.

  3. Yeah, blogpatrol totally reeks. Lunk and I had to jerry-rig it, because it wasn't working at all. Now I can't tell where or on what search engines people find my blog, but I do get the numbers.

  4. Wow, at a little over 5,000 hits, I'm feeling highly inadequate at this moment.

    Of course, that's a common feeling for me around you.

  5. Blog patrol would probably have you way short. They have had database problems--in fact they are down again today. I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin'.

    I think stupidramblings would probably be at about three or four thousand (3000-4000)if blog patrol had been operating properly...