I'm am not alone in my infrequent posting of late. Glancing at the list to the left suggests that half my blogging pals have also become more reticent of late. Therefore, as a public service to all of us, I present Thmazing's List of Ways to Be a Prolific Blogger:

Thmazing's List of Ways to Be a Prolific Blogger

1. Have no qualms.
    Qualms are kind of like morals in that they slow you down. Get rid of them!
2. Don't rely on sense.
    Simply put, if you have to make sense, you will not be prolific. Get over it.
3. Create crap.
    There are dozens of websites dedicated to helping you learn what sort of vegetable you are, which pirate you would like to make love to, and which screenwriter would best butcher your life. I admit I have not taken full advantage of these websites, but you should. You'll never have to think again, yet you will still be the most prolific blogger on the block.
4. Be shortwinded.
    Why tell a story in one post when you can serialize?
5. Steal.
    Copy and paste is a beautiful thing.
6. Make lists.
    I swear. Easiest road to prolificity ever.


  1. Oh rats!! You know ALL my secrets of prolific blogging (I use number 5 the most, but I'm NOT disclosing the source)--and now you've published them!

    Nothing is sacred...

  2. Thanks for the list. I'll have to take those into consideration. I'm down to about a blog a week. Copy and paste here I come!

    P.S. (Hope P.E. teaching is going better!)

  3. I too have been missing everyone this summer, and would like to join Theric in encouraging prolific blogging. Prolific blogging is pink of perfection.

  4. You forgot one thing: Write down blog ideas when they come to you because otherwise, when you sit down at your computer to write a post, you'll have already forgotten everything you meant to post.

    These are the things on my list right now. Consider this my teasers/trailers:

    letter to boy

    bike ride

    coke pepsi taste test

  5. Ah. NOW I can finally get something done on my blog. I was (not always successfully) going for quality. I see that was wrong thinking.

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    A common mistake, Dg, a common mistake.

  7. I'm glad to see that other people are planning their posts, as well. I have a backlog of about eight.

    However, unlike you, I have fewer people who seem concerned that I keep blogging on a regular basis.

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    I highly doubt that.

  9. 7. Write posts which consist of one word, artistically arranged.

  10. My current excuse for not blogging is that I just bought a house and moved and haven't had internet for a week. I now have internet, but it's supposed to be wireless. It isn't. I find that fairly upsetting. Especially since I have a 50-foot phone line running from the bedroom to the office.

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    I can see that.

    I'll be offline here pritty soon myself.

  12. Per #1: One of my writing professors shared William Stafford's advice with his students: in order to write often, lower your standards. I think the same applies for blogging...