Two post special: Theric P.I. & Adulthood


Theric P.I.


I am boldI got a job teaching summer school at a high school I can walk to from our apartment. When I got the job, it was for English 9 and World History. I chose those out of options that included Algebra, Life Science, Physical Science, and I don't remember what else. I was cool with all but Algebra--I can't imagine teaching a year of Algebra in three weeks.

I can't imagine teaching a year of Algebra.

How does one teach math?

Anyway, then I got a call and my schedule was changed to English 9 and English 11.

Then it changed to PE.

So now I do six hours of PE a day, in tandem with three other teachers and hundreds of students. I'm sure I'll blog more about this later, but so far, in two days, I have accomplished the following:
  • Sunburn
  • A one-act play
  • Half a short story
  • A whole new skill set, namely, yelling, sarcasm, jerkiness and lording it over
It's a pretty awesome job.



I am beautifulSince I am now teaching PE (of all things), I am, for the first time, coming to school without a tie. This tielessness has corresponded with a very surprising thing: no one thinks I'm a student.

I don't quite know what to think of this.

My best (and most favored) theory is that over the past year of professional teachering, I have learned to comport myself as an adult.




Enjoy this double posting of Thmusings. It is quite likely I will not post again until svithetime. See you then!


  1. Remember the wisdom of Dilbert: Once you approach the speed of life, you become infinitely dense. Afterwards, you are forced to take a job as a junior high PE teacher.

  2. PE teacher huh? no words....

  3. Pardon me if I must despise you for the duration of your employment.

    I liked a lot of my English teachers, though.

  4. As a runner, I can respect Phys. Ed. Like it? No.

    However, PE teachers??? That's another thing altogether.

    Welcome to the world of the hated and feared.