Meet Jane Austen

.This doctored photo is further proof that I, Theric, am awesome.

In my desperate search for shorts to wear at my new job, I compromised my standards and finally caught up with the now decade-old style of leggings with ginormous pockets. I quickly became enamored with said pockets when I learned I could keep my wallet, keys, eyedrops, chapstick, sunglasses case, miscellaneous papers, etc in them and not carry a bag with me.

After the first day on the job, I learned I would also need a book to help fill the hours.

I could fit a standard trade paperback but could not then button the pocket, and my ability to carry both a standard trade paperback and all my other paraphernalia was doubtful. What's a Theric to do?

Enter the Devil's Den. A while ago they were selling these small, well-made hardbacks of classic novels with ribbon bookmarks built in (perhaps they're still there). I picked up four of them, two of which were quite skinny.

I started with readingThe Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, a volume I had never read before. But I finished it yesterday. So...on to skinny book two....


I should admit I have never gotten around to reading any Austen before. So I suppose it's time. And Persuasion was recently plugged on some blog (Nem's? Katya's? Can't remember; don't want to look and hap across spoilers.) in such a way as to make it quite appealing. So no problem! A perfect book to pick up!


For those of you not 100% vested in my life, let me remind you that I am now a Burly P.E. Guy. Coach Theric, they call me. (Coach Theric!) I'm not sure, but I don't think Jane Austen is really appropriate reading material for Burly P.E. Guys. (Coach Goat is reading Catch-22, for instance.)

But I took it today anyway.

And it's pretty good so far. I love Anne and want to strangle her sisters and have gotten over the heavy exposition and am certain the Captain feels the same way (as Anne, not about the exposition).

But I've lost all my P.E. cred.

Wuss Theric, they'll be calling me next week.

It's probably more accurate anyway.


  1. How about Thmazing Wuss? Or just Thwuss?

  2. Despite disliking Persuasion, I have to admit that I really like carrying paperbacks in my pockets. It makes me feel...I don't know...more like Th.

  3. I'm still trying to picture the pants with the pockets.

    I hope you like Persuasion. It truly is one of my favorites by Jane Austen.

  4. Also, I was just reading over your svithe when I finally noticed that Jane is wearing an old football helment.


  5. If I am ever a P.E. teacher

    (sign against evil)

    I will be sure to read Jane Austen on the job.

  6. .

    I must've been a total goof today when I hit the happy ending....