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First off, class I really want to compliment your knowledge of death and Shakespeare. Our lowest score was 75% and everyone else got a 91.66666666666666666% Of course, only three of you managed to turn this rather simple assignment in, so the rest of you FAILED.

Anyway, there was one question that stumped everyone--even those with otherwise perfect scores: Lady Montague.

Now, Lady Montague does not die onstage, but she does die. All we know is what Lord Montague slips in during the final scene:
    Alas, my liege, my wife is dead to-night;
    Grief of my son's exile hath stopp'd her breath:
(Now, any decent feminist critic would suppose she was actually lost to spousal abuse, but that argument's for another course.)

Watching the Zeffirelli and Luhrmann movie versions did not poison your wells as much as I had feared--most of you remembered that Shakespeare killed off Paris, for instance, even if they didn't. Good job.

Anyway, here is the key:

Lady Montague b. died by sadness at Romeo's banishment.

Lord Montague d. DIDN'T DIE.

Lord Capulet d. DIDN'T DIE.

Lady Capulet d. DIDN'’T DIE.

Benvolio d. DIDN'T DIE.

Tybalt, a. Romeo killed him.

Romeo, c. he drank poison.

Friar Lawrence d. DIDN'T DIE.

Mercutio, a. killed by Tybalt while defending Romeo's honor.

Paris, a. killed by Romeo.

Juliet c. died by stabbing herself in the breast.

Prince g. DIDN'T DIE.

Incidentally, class, isn't it interesting, what a difference a dramaturg makes? Rewatching the Zeffirelli version made me feel the friar should be held criminally responsible for this whole mess, but Luhrmann made me feel he was merely a failed hero, an honorable if pie-in-the-sky idealist. Huh.

Anyway, Nem, JB, Miss A--have a Laffy Taffy. I'll see the rest of you after class.


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    Don't think I didn't hear that, Stupid.

  3. Oh, darnit! If I had but participated! I would have gotten a lot of things wrong, but I did actually know that Lady Montague died because of grief! Damn me! Damn me!

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    Woh woh woh!

    Think about what you are saying!

  5. [raspy voice] I got a C?![/voice] :(

    Oh well. I get a Laffy Taffy. That makes it all better.

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    75% is still much, much better than an F. And really--how long has it been since you read/watched it?

  7. Oops...I think I failed. Rather, I'm SURE I failed, because since I read your post, I've been thinking to myself, "Who ARE those people? Family members or something in the little club?"

    You know, the little club that I so wish I was a part of! :)

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    Oh, I don't think you want to be in that club.... They have a 50% fatality rate! That's much worse than migraines!

  9. It's the spot that's damned, Cicada, not you.

    Cicada, spot...I can see the confusion. Glad I was here to help.