Blog II--The Sequel!


(Note: I started replying to the comments to my last post but it got rather long so I decided to just pretend it was a new post. If you haven't read "So is this blog a good or a bad thing?" or its accompanying comments yet, you might want to skip ahead, then come back.)


First, may I set Edgy's fears to rest: These are thoughts I've had for a long time--possibly even before I jumped into blogging--and Edgy's comment merely made me decide to point out how sometimes my blog features ideas that might not ever be of sufficient worth to go through the expensive paper publishing process.

Second, may I say it's a delight to finally be hip.

Third, the sexual story on the News site will be gone for people who don't read this post until Monday.

Fourth, Master Fob should not be sad that his imagery was less explicit than mine. Although I assure you that I chose that metaphor because it seemed most fitting, not to pollute your minds.

And next, thank you, Mandi. I'm glad you liked that one. One reason I don't write more posts like that is because I hate to do a shabby job on interesting stories and I don't want to take the hours of polishing it would require to make a story shine just to put it on my blog. Perhaps I should.

I've often thought that maybe I am wrong about this. Musicians are trying to adapt to a digital paradigm and perhaps it is time that I, as a writer, did too. Although Curse my html lack of savvy! because I don't really know how to proceed from that supposition to some sort of reality.

Now let me pause because I have mentioned in that past that there are bloggers in my acquaintance whose posts strike me as fit for publication as is. But with all of them, they are people whose writing I only know from their blogs. I wonder.... Do you think that, for instance, when I read Tolker's novel, I will then be less impressed by his blogging? (No stress, Tolkien Boy!)

And now I am arriving where I did not expect to arrive--although I might have hoped I would. Perhaps blogging is of professional value to me. Even if it increases my fan base from a mere five to a mere fifteen, that must mean I have a 300% better chance of success, right? right? right?

Could one of the oldtime fobbers please tell me what it was that brought about that Fishing for Compliments running gag? I can't remember at all....

Perhaps I am just in sick, desperate need of compliments. I don't think so--I don't feel particularly untalented at the moment, or anything--but what other egocentric motivation could be driving these posts?

Could it be that I'm just back to the metanonsense I started out with? Perhaps I'm in a Blogging Spiral of Doom!

Yes. I think that's it.

(What a relief.)


  1. Or maybe you should throw your writing out to the publishing houses. Sure, we can be rather vicious when we get our teeth into it, but you have to start sometime . . .

    Regardless, I'm glad that you have seen the light and realize that blogging is good for you and that you will suffer immensely were you to stop.

  2. The Fishing for Compliments thing was brought about by Cute Little Purple Boy (who was not cute, but for some reason Melyngoch decided to call him that), who accused Queen Zippergut of fishing for compliments when she apologized for scaring him. Or something like that.

    When it comes down to it, blogging is writing, and there is nothing better for a writer to do than write. On top of that, blogging is writing with instant feedback. It's bound to make us better writers, which is bound to eventually contribute to success in real publishing. If you're lucky, maybe some big-shot editor for some big-shot publishing house (like, say, Cedar Fort or Covenant or Signature) will start reading your blog and decide that you are an excellent writer. You never know.

  3. .

    It's so funny that you should say that, Edgy, when I just....

    Anyway, thank you Master Fob. I need to get that gag going with some people out here because even though it wasn't terribly funny, it was so often apropos and always welcome.

  4. .

    Oh, and MF--that was cruel, especially after the conversation we had just before you met Edgy....


    yes, you beenwray?

  5. I don't remember this conversation. Do remind me. If it's not suitable for public eyes, email me. In fact, email me either way. I do so like getting emails.

  6. Ah ha! I found it! The wonders of Gmail never cease!

    A couple days before I met Edgy, I said, "Edgy is coming over for dinner this weekend."

    You said, "Tell him I said hi."*

    You're right, that context really does make my previous comment seem especially cruel, um, somehow.

    *I'm not sure that I actually followed your instruction. Edgy can confirm or deny.

  7. I'm not sure if MF said hi or not, but I do know that we talked about you.

  8. Sorry to cut in on this cryptic exchange that does not have anything to do with me, but I was excited to tell you, Th., that thanks to you, I have discovered the joys of Nasal Irrigation, and I greatly appreciate your input on the subject some months ago. This would serve to verify Mandi's assertion that little stories of a personal nature are very much welcomed by your readership of fifteen.

  9. You may not read my novel. Ever. In fact, you must stop reading my blog as well. I cannot take the pressure of you being disappointed in me.

    Or else you'll just have to learn to deal with disappointment like the rest of the world. Your choice.

    Word Verification: anjuf

    A word so fruity, it's almost a pear.

  10. .

    MF--I mean the telephone conversation. But it doesn't matter now. I'm in the know.

    Edgy--My disappointment is du jour everywhere in the Western world.

    Dg--So glad to be of service. Return often! And post your own exciting snot stories!

    TB--So you see, Tolkers, it is already too late.