Despite of fluff


My credentialing classes this semester are 98.67% busy work. This week I turn in my first lengthy paper (Self Reflection & Analysis & Philosophy of Education). I have turned on my spiteful version of Tolkers's Rule (see D) and basically just spun a bunch of nonsense.

The thing is, I doubt the professor will read a word. And if he does, I think verbosity will impress him. I say this because he just makes his lectures up while we watch a fifteenyearold video--you know the type.

Here are a few choice sentences:

    The beauty of the world can be wrapped in words and repacked in ways that creates new paradigms for even casual thinkers to apply.

    I find it easy to respect all people, even if their actions would not tend toward the recipience of respect.

    I am not easily bothered by others offensive actions, whether intended for offence or not--and if I were to be offended, I do not hold my bile long.

    It was well understood among the high school studentry that to get an A from Anderson required gifts of candy or other inexpensive but, in my mind, groveling gifts.

    But if I want to be the teacher they look back on and think, yes, that was someone who made a difference in my life, who created out of me someone I would not otherwise have been, then I must be willing to make them grow--no matter the en route pain.

    Second, I must demand of them all that they should demand of me and, not to get into overly complex semantics, I must demand that they do demand of me all that they should demand of me.

    And not only understand, they will feel it in their heart and desire to incorporate.

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Note: the two nonces were recipience and studentry. I like that Word's spellcheck offered to change the latter into stud entry. Heh heh. Stud entry.


  1. I think using the word "paradigm" in a paper for a drivel-loving professor is about the best thing you can do.

  2. You are SO in with the professor. To sweeten the deal though, send his/her spouse some flowers...

  3. You are my new hero. You edged Toucan Sam out by two votes.