Two new nominations


The good news is I will never be a serial killer. Because you can't cut off and keep a woman's voice which makes the whole enterprise an appalling waste. I have mentioned before that I find the female voice, mm, alluring, and I dream of someone like Sony BMG saying, "Mr Thmazing, you're the expert--would you compile a cd of terrific female voices for us?" In preparation for that day, I now mention two voices that have recently come to my attention.

The first is Imogen Heap whose new album features an incredible track I have heard a few times on KCRW, an LA NPR station that features some of the best music programming I have ever been blessed to hear.

I knew of her from this and that but honestly do not pay that much attention to new music so although I had heard her on Garden State and here and there, she had not really made an impression on me till this song simply blew me away. I wish I could tell you the name of it, but the high school blocks all access to music sites in order to preserve the Edenic state of musical innocence here on campus. (All Sousa, all the time.)

Anyway, impressive though that song was, it was only once song. Then I heard a really crummy song that featured an incredible female vocalist during the chorus and when they announced that voice as Imogen Heap I was sold. This woman is the real thing.

Also new to the Hall of Incredible Pipes waiting room is one Peggy Lee (we like you too, Peggy!). I'm not up on my crooners B.Th. (before Theric), so Peggy was beneath my radar. But then, this Christmas season I heard her sing some Christmas song on the radio that I had never heard before. Now nevermind the fact that this was a feelgood tune about making the world a better place and nevermind that she was backed by children: I have never heard such carnality coming through the speakers of my automobile. Never. Now, like Joseph before Potiphar's wife, I should have turned off the radio, but, well, surely the Lord will justify us in committing a little sin, right?

I have since picked up a compilation (somewhat by accident, but that's another story) that features Miss Lee and alas, these three new songs don't quite match the first, but the memory of that "innocent" Christmas carol yet lingers....

(Besides, she played Peg in Lady and the Tramp--and if that isn't hot, I don't know what is.)


  1. Okay, I LOVED Peg!! and I always tried my dangest to sing "He's a Tramp" just like her. I think I come pretty close, but that's in my own ears- who knows what the world hears...

  2. Try Sade: Lover's Rock.

    Her voice is like BUTTER!...

  3. I've had the song "He's a Tramp" going through my head all day.

    And hatred. Pure, unadulterated hatred.

  4. .

    Amen to butter!

    And Mandi, I just realized my comment could sound like I'm saying who cares about you. Not the case. Just who cares about what the world hears.

  5. I really like Norah Jones. I think her voice is oh, so sexy. Not that I'm attracted to that, but I guess in a sense I am, because if I could sing like that, all kinds of men would be at my feet I bet. Only I'm not sure I want all kinds--just one kind. Or one. So I keep my singing to myself. And in my own ears/head, I do sound like that. It's pretty cool.

    Lola says Norah is depressing. I guess that proves she's not a lesbian.

  6. .

    Hoorah for Lola!

    (ps: I like Nora too)