Never shave. Never surrender.


I haven't shaved in, oh, a couple weeks. It doesn't look too bad. But I still don't look my age.

With the new semester has come a switcharound of students--about a third weren't with me last semester. One of the new ones told me yesterday that he and his friends (who had seen me walking around in my necktie) had assumed I was a student transferred in from "some Christian school."

When I was subbing (unless I was at an elementary school) (and even that was no guarantee) kids would ask if I was a new student.

I'm wearing a tie! I haven't shaved! I've even given up my backpack! What else can I do?


some kid


  1. Break into the drama department and get some of that old people makeup they have. You can paint some gray and white wrinkles on your face. That oughta do it.

  2. Ah yes, and it's even worse in college. When people ask you what you're doing in the faculty lounge, are you supposed to say, "Facultying?" Or when they ask what you're doing in the graduate student mail room. I mean, really people, can you not see the lack of hangover in my eyes? I'm clearly NOT an undergraduate. But they think I am.

  3. You are the only person I know who is trying to look older. I say go with it- nothing wrong with looking like a kid!

  4. Tell him take off the oompa loompa suit...

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    Really, ButtBabe? Wow. Now I feel awkward for making the comment on your blog that I did.

    Yes, I am from Tehachapi--I just moved away last week after a year back (I graduated from THS). When were you there?

    And Mandi--I know, I know. But sometimes I think it would just be nice to be an adult. Right, Miss Hass?

    (dg--I won't have to break in; they'll think I'm one of them)

  6. Yes. I'm tired of getting carded when I go into a bar. I don't even want to drink your booze people, just sit and talk with all of my fellow students. But no, I always have to have my license ready to show.

    The worst was when I was carded for CURFEW four years ago. I was 24. That's 18 plus 6 years. I like to think I wouldn't get carded for curfew now, but I don't know.

    Sadly, th., I can't grow a beard. Maybe I can draw on wrinkles or dye my hair grey?

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    Have you ever tried wearing a mumu?

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    And Mandi--

    People may want to look younger but I really don't think they want to be mistaken for fourteen. Twenty-five, maybe, but not fourteen.


  9. At 25, I visited my younger brother at my former high school, for lunch. Our school is in a very small town, not in a lock down type situation that so many high schools face, or so we thought. The security guard caught sight of me leaving the campus, and he freaked out, because "there was a student leaving campus!" "Where?" I thought. It was me. I had to find a former teacher who would still be at the school, who would remember me, and vouch for me that I was not a student, and not on campus to sell drugs or other bad things. Not so easy to do when I haven't attended the school for seven years, and I had been a quiet student.

    Five hours later, I was mistaken for the same brother's mother while shopping at the mall. I would have had to have gotten pregnant at 7.

    I have decided that people want to see other people at the age that they want them to be. Not the age that they truely are.

    So, don't worry Th., other people's expectations of your age will eventually catch up with your real age.

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    AMS--you're probably right.

    BB--alas then, we have never passed.