Zero-gravity bunnies


For this first time in his life, the Big O has attended a movie with his parents without them desperately hoping he will sleep through it.

(For the record, his first flick was LOTR:ROTK and his most recent had been The Incredibles.)

On Saturday, we took him to see Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. We thought this would be a safe choice because he has seen The Wrong Trousers approximately five billion times and loves it.

We fled the pounding bass from the apartment above on Friday night and went to the dollar theater to buy tickets, but they do not sell them the day before. But O had seen the poster and he knew we what it meant and he was anxious.

The next day, all he could do was insist we leave home and get to the theater.

We arrived in good time for the 11:20 show and settled in.

For those of you people I don't respect anymore who have waited even longer than us to see this movie, you don't know what your missing. Rabbits will be vacuumed. Cheese will be eaten. Arrrrtichokes will be kissed.

Isn't it beautiful that in a Hollywood of artificial perfection, something so unabashedly artificial can be so incredibly good? I mean--you can see thumbprints on people's teeth!

(Question: is blogging more Aardman or more Industrial Light & Magic?)

We haven't seen Corpse Bride yet (anyone--can we take a twoyearold to that?), but at this point, I don't see how it can be more deserving of this year's animated-feature Oscar.



  1. Corpse Bride was okay. The kids in the theater seemed to enjoy moments. I would wait until you can Netflix it.

  2. Corpse Bride was not Tim Burton's best work. It might be a bit dark to hold a two-year-old's attention. I mean color-wise, not humor-wise, although there is that too.

  3. I always like to take mere infants to stories that involve A) skeletons B) the undead and C)and lotsa swearing...

  4. .

    Is there lots of swearing? Is it as offensive as sqxqjd?

  5. Your blog is doing that weird thing where it doesn't show the most recent post on the main page again. Between this and the times it has not let me comment, I'm rather disappointed by the functionality of this here blog. I may start taking my business elsewhere if you don't resolve these problems.

  6. Fobby,

    Eh. That's nothing. TB's blog is still on "According to Plan" from Sunday, January 15, on my work computer. That's why Macs are better than PCs.

  7. Whenever I have those problems, I have to clear out the cookies on the harddrive... then everything goes back to normal.

  8. .

    C is for cookies.