The B of F O B is everywhere this weekend with two of his Fob Bible stories released on popular blogs for discussion. If you haven't read these stories before, do now. If you have, stop by to help get the conversation going. They're both great. I should know. I'm their freaking editor.

Abraham's Purgatory

The Changing of the God


  1. I love both of those: the first because it's so thought-provoking and particularly so because it suggests ideas without being definite or preachy about any of them; the second for its humour ('He whistled in disbelief and the air around him filled with tinkling bells and minty freshness.' So good.) though there's more that's good about it.

    Really, really enjoying the FOB Bible, by the way.

  2. .

    I am happy to hear it.

  3. Where are these other places where it is being discussed? Linkety links, pwetty pweeze?

  4. Thanks, Chosha! (And thanks for the link love, Theric.)