Eleven reasons to buy stock in Elephant™ Brand Phone Nails


1. They're the industry leader.

2. Their phone nails are made only from genuine Naugahyde.

3. With the increase of people using their phones for photography, phone nails are expected to increase in sales 29% in the coming quarter alone.

4. Would you have bought stock from these guys?

5. Be honest now: How many times today have you already wished you had a phone nail handy?

6. Phone nails are green.

7. Elephant™ is the only brand of phone nail being exported into China.

8. Elephant™ is opening five new manufacturing facilities in the US in 2009, at a time when other industries are shedding jobs like psoriasis.

9. Unlike most phone nail brands, Elephant™ brand phone nails have been certified Golden Delicious by Apple's Accoutrement Corps.

10. Available in dozens of colors while most brands are still only available in Ford black.

11. I get 10% for every person who signs up using my special code: thuckerswanted.

Thanks in advance!

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