The Fob Bible


As long as I continue to be too lazy to make a book trailer, I want to share with you one or more recorded readings from the bible's release party. This one, Ben and I feel, was pretty much the entertainingest one.

(Note: this is the only one with bad words, and it's totally censored in the original too. Because censoring things is @#^%@#' hilarious. [cf])


  1. Next time you do a reading can you ask the person in the background to stop freaking typing. So annoying!

    I'm looking forward to getting this book. :)

  2. .

    Weirdly, that sound is the camera we were using. I totally agree that it sounds like typing.

    But don't worry: we totally intend to buy a new camera before any more books are released.

    (I'm excited for you to have it!)