Family History


A couple months ago Large S began saying Popeye. Since then he's learned a second cartoon character: Batman.

Lots of testosterone in this house.


  1. Wow, I haven't been here in forever and a day....sure love the layout of your blog. :)

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    Hey, thanks! I'm quite happy with it.

  3. Oh, that's nothing. My girls have been calling me Batman for nearly two years. I'm the only male around, and all the girls play at being Batman, Robin, Joker, Spider Man, Riddler, Penguin, and a host of male cartoon characters. Oh, we get our share of Princess, but nothing pleases them like the caped crusader.

  4. Love it. Sounds like our boys! Being back in Berkeley made us realize that we all should have hung out more - sorry to be so lame :) Tell Lady Steed that she looks great!

  5. The only cartoon characters that dean knows are bob the builder (from a book) and elmo (also from a book!). haha. We've yet to introduce him to the comics and super heroes. I love that S has picked up on it since you're such a comic guru.

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    Popeye because spinach-disliking cousins were over and we introduced Popeye to keep them from poisoning our spinach-loving kids. And S just happened to have a handmedown Popeye tshirt so that helped it stick.

    Batman because, after baseball, it's his brother's biggest obsession.