RRR: Two blasts


Last Wednesday I went in to interview for an academic program I'm planning to start this summer and it went well enough, I think. But the bloggable part is the program's coordinator, whom I've met once before and who struck me then, as she did now, as being the sixty-year-old version of Sarah Jane, the girl I wanted to marry in 1998.

I didn't, of course, and Lady Steed is undoubtedly a better match for me, but Sarah Jane appeared at a point in my life in such a way that I don't think I will ever forget her. Or, for that matter, her birthday or anniversary, more's the pity.

Not including this earily similar coordinator, I've only seen Sarah Jane twice since getting married--once at Mt. Timp on my birthday when I saw her wedding party (weird) and once at the library.

She's one of those very short girls who married someone very very tall.


Caren cassill (sp?)

Either working for a university in Idaho (reasonably possible)) or a porn star (extremely unlikely)

4/5/07 8:09 AM


  1. Maybe both. There's always moonlighting. :)

  2. .

    I hadn't thought of that.....

  3. Porn stars? At an Idaho university? Are they taking applications?

    BYU-I didn't want me; and I've got to make money somehow...

  4. .

    Haha! See, there are advantages to be found in Babylon!