RRR: Calling All Ghosts: 81 North


I was just listening to one of my on-computer music mixes as I hung wet dress shirts on hangers and a song by 81 North came on and I thought of Nick and Shellie.

Let me note immediately that I just spelled Shelle's name wrong. In fact, I cannot remember how to spell it--only that the spelling is atypical. And so I will try a different spelling every time it comes up.

Anyway: Nick and Shylly. 81 North.

Nick and Shelli were our good friends in Provo. When it came time for us to move away to sunny California (not that Provo in August is any slouch), I swapped Nick a copy of my novel (look for it Summer '08!) for a copy of their in-progress album as 81 North. Which is awful nice stuff. The would put it on to sing their son Colson to sleep.

12/15/07 9:53 PM

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