RRR: When Thursday was Tieday


In high school, when we were seniors, my friend Myke and I instituted Tie Day every Thursday. The idea was to get everyone on campus to wear a tie every Thursday.

We had more success than you might imagine.

The first week was a little sparse, but when people realized we were serious, numbers went up. The next Thursday was very well observed. The one after that even more so. The next week it began to taper down. By the end of the year, I alone was tie-wearing.

3/22/07 9:20 AM


  1. Oh my goodness. We tried to make Crazy Hair Friday.
    But to my dismay it didn't work.
    I would like to congratulate you on your tie-day success.

  2. .

    Thanks. My goal was to get 100 people observing, but we fell just shy. So close!

  3. I tried to revive it a decade later when I first started going to that high school. I don't think anyone but me and my buddy Shawn ever did it, though.

  4. WV: mingfite

    I don't remember what my last one was, but thisun's way better.

  5. Impressive. So do you still wear a tie on Thursdays?

  6. .

    I wear a tie six days a week anymore.

    So yes.

    But it doesn't really mean the same thing anymore.

    (Incidentally, I am not today. Got the week off.)