RRR: Self-analysis: Couples Crush


Occasionally I get crushes on couples we know. I call it a crush because it feels a lot like the crushes I would get on girls back in the single days.

girls like girls I would have been attracted to back in the day and probably still am if I'm honest with myself

boys like the boys I would have liked hanging out with

1/18/09 1:31 PM


  1. sometimes small honesties are the most interesting. But to the real topic: I don't often get crushes on adults like that (weird, as I was very crushy back in the day), but I do regularly meet kids I want to adopt. :)

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    Ha! I wonder if that's a natural evolution of the same phenomenon?

  3. I am guilty of the same thing. In case you were wondering. Now I don't feel so weird.

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    That wasn't my intention at all.

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