Not an original bone in his head


Master Fob said: Why do we need any method other than the mechanized wheelchair?

    To mash potatoes, you mean? Mostly because it voids the warranty. Sorry the answer has to be so pedestrian.

    So to speak.

Lindsay said: Isn't it "Me and the major don't see eye to eye on it"?

    I know this one! Belle and Sebastian!

Silly Marie: You're really that much older than us?

    And getting older every day.

JB: Are you and Lady Steed close enough to meet up for ice cream some time?

    We meet up for other reasons as well. Nudge nudge.

Silly Marie: Are you eating enough?

    Ice cream, or in general. (No to both, probably.)

daltongirl: Btw, Coast Guard Day doesn't even show up on my calendar. What's up with that?

    Antitheric propaganda swept. the nation. It was in the news.

Thirdmango: I'm not sure where in Cali you live, but if you live anywhere near Monrovia or Arcadia, do you wanna go to lunch?

    I have no idea where either of those are. Or are those restaurants?

noelle feather: Albany, as in Oregon?

    New York? California? Scotland?

Samantha Stevens said: I just have to question one of your gift choices: "The Library of America," featuring...CHOPIN???? A Polish composer who lived in France????

    Wrong Chopin, sweetheart.

Thirdmango said: You do own the actual series of Cowboy Bebop don't you?

    Yes. Yes I do.

MasterFob: Do I get bonus points if I guess which songs came from me?

    Like that's even possible, Master Fob. Who do you think you are, anyway: Barry Manilow?

Stupidramblings said: Haberdahserheaven? that might be your best new word. EVER.

    Thank you. But I'm not sure it's really a question.

Stupidramblings said: Um, what does the Buddha have to do with moving? Is he carrying your boxes?

    No, no, no. He's the yin to my yang. Totally stationary, etc.

noelle feather said: El Cerrito is quite the distance from Tehachapi, no?

    Quite, yes.

CHARLAX: Ask me Why? You ask why? The answer is because.

    Hey, buddy. *I* give the answers around here.

Tyler: Porn stars? At an Idaho university? Are they taking applications?

Melyngoch: Kom igen. The printing of the first English book didn't even make the list?

    That's not the first English book, silly. Kim igen, indeed.

Schmetterling: That is pretty much spectacular, I must say. How do you find this stuff?

    People mostly just leave them in the comments of my posts.

Celia: Why a rooster, by the way?

    Because they tend to type comments while standing in the rain.

alishka babushka: So maybe that had an affect on his conducting?


Schmetterling: 'Course, immortal butterflies are probably pretty hard to eat, no?

    For electrocuted roosters? Yes.

Mr. Fob: Did you know they're releasing Toy Story in 3D in 2009, in preparation for Toy Story 3 in 2010?

    You don't say. I only wish they would release 12 Angry Men in 3D. That would be the best ever.

Schmetterling: Woah! WOAH! Hold on there, Th! You can't go changing the universe on me NOW! I thought Vertigo was the indisputably best ever; what's with this 12 Angry Men stuff?

    Vertigo? In 3D? Surely you jest.

Schmetterling: Will there be werewolves in heaven, then?

    Funny you should ask. I hope to have my paper on that topic finished up some time this week.

8/14/06 4:03 PM


  1. I couldn't even remember the context on some of those questions. But the rooster...the rooster. Who could forget that one? And the answer was not satisfactory on that one, I might add.

  2. .

    How about this: roosters don't lay eggs.