RRR: Me want food, or, I will probably die someday (probably)


Why am I hungry? Because I ate a small breakfast and packed no lunch. In other words, it's my own fault. This is common this is regular this is fitting

5/15/08 12:02 PM


  1. Not the most healthy choice. . . Starvation limits brain activity.

  2. Story of my life . . . except that it's I ate a semi-decent breakfast but forgot to bring any lunch or anything to munch on when I came up to school . . .

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    I'm terrible about eating. But it does help me keep my girlish figure, I suppose. Not that occasional lightheadedness is worth it. I mean, if I was a drag queen maybe.

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    I should mention that Lady Steed has been doing an excellent job this month, making me bring food to school with me.

  5. Lucky soul. I don't have anyone around by the time I leav eto make me bring food.

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    Usually I leave before anyone's awake enough to think about my physical welfare, but lately the kids have become early riser.