2009's 6-10


010) Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, finished February 18
    The great classic, right?

    I liked it more this time around. I was more able to understand why people talk up Gibbons's art. It has less to do with the look (which is typical of the time period), but the composition and choice of detail is what's impressive here.

    As literature, it has the sort of density and complexity that gets it on, say, Time's Top 100 list.

    It's a good book and I like and appreciate it. And I fail to see how any movie can do it justice.

    week or so

009) Superman: Red Son by MJR&M, finished February 11
    An Elsewords I've long been interested in. Superman lands in Ukraine rather than Kansas and is raised communist. Pretty well done. I liked it. Worth a read.


008) The Best American Comics 2008 edited by Lynda Barry, finished February 9

007) The Blot by Tom Neely, finished February 6

006) JSA: Darkness Falls by Goyer, Johns, et al, finished January 28
    There. I finished it. And I have to say having the entirety of space and time in constant peril is rather tiring.



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