So call me a hypocrite then


One thing I like about Obama is that he's nice to listen to. After sixteen years of presidents with really irritating accents and mannerisms, it's a relief.


  1. amen.

    there's something soothing about a president who can pronounce nuclear, too.

  2. Oh, and something truly.....I don't know, novel, different, about a president who thinks.

    Just sayin'.

  3. Mr. Fob beat me to it but I'll join in the fun, too.


    I agree there seems to be an end to the string of flubulating presidents . . . wait, no, Mr. President-elect has had his share of flubs.

    I thought to start a list but that isn't important. When the President-elect has his teleprompter and his speeches ready to go, he sounds so terribly more intelligent than what we've heard over the past few years. He has, however, had his share of mistakes (57 States).

  4. .

    He said 57 states? That's the most awesome mistake ever.

    I feel obliged to say that I had written and scheduled this post before Petra wrote her comment on the last one. So consider it said.

  5. I just appreciate a president who's in touch (more-or-less) with the life I've lead.

    And he's ever-so much more eloquent than Dubya -- with or without a teleprompter.