ABC has broken my fragile heart

Save Pushing Daisies.

ABC! What is wrong with you! How can you cancel the best hourlong show of my adult life? I just caught up online last night and last Wednesday's episode was wonderful! brilliant! And the plot is getting more interesting as characters grow in depth as the backstory deepens (etc etc etc).

Pushing Daisies

It's nice to know that Bryan Fuller is going to finish the tales in comics (send to me for free reviews), but this is a tv show --- it's a big part of the reason I've taken to respecting tv. No matter what ABC replaces Daisies with, I'm not likely to watch it. And the comics make me nervous --- will they have the same writers? will the art be any good? And I'm happy with the notion of a movie some day, but I would rather have it every week.

Chuck of Pushing Daisies

What about the acclaim, ABC? What about the Emmys? What about your self respect.

Come on, people, now, come on together --- everybody come together, let's save Pushing Daisies right now.


  1. This is sad. One of the few decent shows on. I have to admit I was into it more last season than this, but it's still a good show.

  2. How very sad. It seems that if I get into a show, it is doomed to cancellation. sorry guys, my fault.

  3. I wonder if there's a reason Bryan Fuller has such bad karma . . . but it's truly a pity this will be gone. It's the only show that was a guaranteed escape for me from my studies. Alas.

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