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Prop 11 passes (yes!)
    But why the heck was the vote so close? Why would any sane person not vote for this? Then again, otherwise apparently sane people have been suckered into voting for sucky incumbents for years. Apparently people like being used. I don't get it. But anyway, the most important proposition of this cycle passed. Let us rejoice.

On Obama and Prop 8
    On-the-ground evidence compiled by me suggests it's true: The reenfranchisement of minority voters that led to Obama's astonishing win here in California also pushed Prop 8 over the edge and into victory. Where all the conservative efforts would have failed, Democratic success in getting out the vote succeeded and gay marriage ends in California. I wonder how your average white liberal is feeling about this today...? I don't imagine it's an irony they're savoring.

Lady Steed's Peat Coat
    The kids love it and the boys ask me where I got it. Then I say it's actually my wife's? Kids are funny. Like a man shouldn't be allowed to wear his own wife's clothing.

Grant Lee Phillips
    Mobilize is a great album. (Thank you, Goodwill!)

It's Lincoln Time.
    I've talked about what I want from Obama somewhat already, but I really think this hits my points pretty well. Some items (like appointing Colin Powell) John obviously stole from me, but he has some excellent ideas all his own. Good article. Forward it to the president-elect.


  1. "The reenfranchisement of minority voters that led to Obama's astonishing win here in California also pushed Prop 8 over the edge and into victory"

    I've read contrasting analysis - though slate is right that black voters came out strong for Obama and tended to support 8, Obama also brought out an increase of young voters of all races, and statistically the youngest cohort had the strongest prop 8 opposition, with increasing age tied to increasing yes votes.

    re:11 and it's regrettably, puzzlingly slim margin, I hear all the position came from unions, who knew it would reduce their power and so advertised it as a sinister power grab.

  2. this time, I'll check the "email me the follow up comments" box

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    The funny thing is, if this were a red state, the exact same prop would be widely supported by unions. Which also bothers me deeply.

  4. I wonder how your average white liberal is feeling about this today...? I don't imagine it's an irony they're savoring.

    No, it's not. But more minority voters at the polls is a good thing regardless. IMHO.

    I totally voted for 11 even though the Yolo Democratic Party told me not to. I didn't find the sinister power grab argument very convincing.

    Are you looking forward to those Mexican eggs we'll be buying soon?

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    Haha! No.

    Honestly, I believe (hope?) the industry will adjust before it all falls due. I also suspect (fear?) the law will be muchly disregarded and we'll see lots of minor fines. But I've never been good at prognostication.

  6. Mr Fob! I never knew you were in Davis - I love that place! Lived there from 99-05 and now I'm here by Theric but if I ever had to leave, Davis would be my next best choice.

  7. I don't know why so many people voted against Prop 11 but we're lucky enough did. The numbers show there are a few people who can think for themselves or at least they listened to others who were able to parse out the facts and came to the same conclusion as I did.

    I would not jump to any conclusions about Prop 8. The same liberal judge will probably hear the same complainant in the same court that heard arguments on Prop 22. This fight is not over. I think it was too close for comfort and do not hold out much hope.

    Going forward in politics, we've a fertile ground for hope. High expectations are probably the biggest disadvantage Mr. President-elect will face in the next months. . . four years.

  8. Someone needs to stop putting those Republican judges in the court--they're too darn "liberal."

  9. Theric,

    Man-on-the-street explainations heard today against prop 11 -

    "there's nothing wrong with how the school districts are set up right now"

    "I always vote against new beurocracies"

    Also, I thought you may like this unrelated tip:

  10. Cchrissyy (how do you pronounce that?): We've only been in Davis for a few months, but so far we love it. Though we wouldn't mind being closer to the Thteeds' neck of the woods either.

  11. Theric, it's referred to as a 'Pea coat', not a 'Peat coat'.

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    Well. I've not often accused of knowing my fashion.

    Ccyy: People are so stupid.

    And I've been to the Red Brick Store a time or two but didn't get their raison d'etre. Now I'll have to stop by more often.

  13. Mr Fob, the first c and last y are silent

    It is derived from the availability of AOL IM screennames circa 1997

  14. The anti-prop eight crowd was out in force last night. I work a few miles from the LA temple and was blessed with their inconvenience. I would not have normally been anywhere near there but a visit with my uncle was the plan, which drove me right by the Wilshire/405 offramp, which was closed due to the protest.

    One of the members who intended on only protecting the Temple ended up being taken away by the police "for his own safety". The anti-8 crowd was focusing their anger on the Church last night.

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    It's awful convenient to have the temple right there on Santa Monica Blvd....