Michael Ryan is twisted and strange and beautiful


It's been a while since I've posted any art here and Christmas is right around the corner so if you're still uncertain how to drop a thousand bucks on the Thteeds, here's a suggestion: Michael Ryan.

He recently showed at our beloved local gallery, Eclectix. Our two favorites from that show remain unsold, but most of his other cool oils that we just found on his website (like Revelations, for instance, which Lady Steed saw and exclaimed, "Ooo! That's pretty!") are already gone so we recommend you act now.

Untitled by Michael Ryan

Adoration in the Wastelands by Michael Ryan


  1. I'm thinking you could have stopped at 'twisted'. Not so sure about beautiful. I guess I prefer my twisted Dave McKean style. :)

  2. All right, that does it. The Thteeds and the MoJos MUST have lunch and hang out.

    We'll meet you in Denver, 'kay?

  3. .

    That's got to be closer to you, doesn't it? Let's renegotiate.

    And, Chosha, I love McKean too, make no mistake. But there is room in my heart for both men. I'm quite loving.

    Your word choice is curious, K: that's the same word Lady Steed used when we revisited Adoration of the Wastelands online.

    I'll agree with 'creepy' too --- so long as we end is with 'a freaking awesome'.

  4. Lemomate: In the Maelstrom will definately give you nightmares. Lucky you it's already been sold.