Out of the closet


I'm a girl!


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    Note: as of this moment, it is 99% certain I am a woman.

  2. I thought it would be a sure 100% that I was a girl because of all my references to crafting and kids, but it was only 66% sure.

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    That makes me 33% more lady than you.

  4. I'm 76% man--perhaps, then, we are far less similar than some would have us think: 175% different, in fact.

  5. I'm apparently 59% man, but on the whole, "quite gender neutral."

    I wonder if this will give me any leverage in the frequent argument my mother and I have about me "acting like a lady" . . .

    On second thought, probably not. She's not that technologically inclined.

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    Neither is the site, apparently.

  7. Bad news! Depressed (but not unhappy) Mormon Mommy is only 53% woman! Theric, what are YOU writing about? I've mentioned childbirth, PMS, PPD, and well, my kids . . .how do you get more female?

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    Back when I was in college (this was before your time, darling) I learned something about, like, I don't know, women tend to write using more prepositions or something (Schemtt--can you comment on this?). I'll wager they're reaching gender predictions based more on something like that than on actual content.

    Or it may be that liking Pushing Daisies is way more girly than PMSing.

  9. Both of my blogs have me at 76% male, but the new version of one (which has only 1 post, and it's political) has me at only 51% male.

    So, I guess I either maler as time goes by, or I'm just politically neutral.

    I imagine using my real name for things and referring to my wife a lot probably adds to my masculinity rating.

  10. That was supposed to say, "I either get maler as time goes by..."