Further evidence I may be a bad person


I am horribly biased. I recognize this in myself and hope to overcome it someday, but in the meantime the best I can do is admit my faults and come clean in this public forum.

Today's sin: Overlooking aspects of Darius Rucker's new country album that, were they part of anyone else's new country album, I would point to as eXACTly what's wrong with stupid country music. I overlook them because I'm a big Darius Rucker fan and, after listening to album preview on Amazon a dozen times, I'm a big fan of this album as well.

But seriously: "Drinkin' and Dialin'"? You may make it cool, Mr Rucker, but that's still eXACTly what's wrong with country music. (And I'll be expecting more next time.)


  1. "Long neck bottle, let go of my hand . . ." my kindergarten daughter sang at the top of her lungs, startling her teacher and the teacher's aids.

    Over 12 years ago, my oldest daughter's sense for what songs are appropriate for what circumstances was not very acute. Our summer vacation trips were nearly always long road trips with many hours spent in the car listening to the various music tapes/CDs from our collection. As parents we had certainly had heard enough from the "Wee Sing: Fun and Folk" tape, which had been replaced twice due to over use.

    It was not until after school started, however, that we realized how very well our daughters had been listening to the rest of the music. They had been singing along with us and we thought it was rather fun. The content of this music, though, was not necessarily what we really felt was appropriate for molding the young mind.

    Looking back on those summers so many years ago, I realize the eclectic music tastes brought much to the lives of our young children. Although we've not had any problems as a result, some of the lyrics from some of these songs were not necessarily mirroring what we have set out to instill in our daughters' value system.

  2. Okay, you know what? It doesn't matter WHAT Rucker sings--he can croon in my ear all day long.