Just a couple thoughts:


On the Obama victory
    I'm so happy that this was decisive enough that we won't be seeing any recounts or suits. And now I'm interested in how Obama will fulfill his Team-of-Rivals promise.

On being the Joker
    It was a thrill, being the Joker. Stalking around with a purple baseball bat, making teenagers scream and run away from me all over campus.

    I don't like dressing for Halloween because wearing costumes is silly and being in character is hard work. But when one is (for instance) the Joker, one is no longer wearing a costume. When one's body language is dangerously unhinged, when one smiles maniacally while disobeying every law of personal space, when one's vocabulary loses any benignity, one is not wearing a costume.

    But actually being the Joker is hard. Being the Joker for six hours straight and not actually injuring someone takes great effort. It's hard work and I don't think I ever want to do it again.

On being the Joker, pt ii
    In the movies, you never see someone like the Joker fumble for the keys or eat Doritos without getting them all over his face or take a leak --- and for good reason: it's hard to be threatening in those situations. Being threatening at all times is hard work. Being threatening while checking out The Importance of Being Earnest from the textbook room is nigh unto impossible.

    Which reminds me . . . extra credit for anyone who spots photos or video of me from Halloween. I know there is footage out there and I'ld like to see it.

On Election '12
    Please please please: let's not even think about it, okay?


  1. Being the Joker sounds a lot like being a full-fledged Zombie. It was so much fun to lurch at people all across BYU campus a year or two ago. (insert maniacal laughter here)

  2. Amen to the Obama comment. And given how thoroughly I've always been creeped out by the Joker (and especially by Heath Ledger's Joker), I'll pass on hunting down any footage of Jokers on Halloween . . .

  3. Also impossible: Being threatening while eating muffins.

  4. I haven't participated in costumes or other passions of the Halloween holiday for many, many years. The last time I participated was at an office party when I decided to be a mad scientist. I WAS the Mad Scientist, not settling for merely dressing the part. It was very difficult to get any work done since my Mad Scientist was also something of a absent minded professor's nightmare.

    Nice take on the Joker, by the way. You cannot even be threatening just saying the word "muffins".

    I'm very happy the election day was not stretched out for days on end to figure out the vote. This was certainly one of the better aspects of the day.