I don't get it, this IQ thing.


All these ads asking me to compare my IQ to famous people --- no famous person seems to have an IQ under 110. Bush is 120 (as is Palin), Obama is 125, Daniel Craig is 115, etc. Not an average mind among them. I didn't realize actors and politicians were generally so very very brilliant.

And here's the thing: of course these number are made up, but if you're going to give me an even-less-scientific-than-regular-IQ-tests IQ test, why not make famous people dolts so I feel good about my 95? Or am I to assume that average on these faux tests ends up being more like 140? Or are they setting us up to fail in comparison to the famed? Perhaps to help us understand it is right and good that we ourselves are not famous?

The whole thing's stupid.

Anyway, if you want a more rigorous assessment of your intelligence, play my Preseason Oscar Game. Just click the picture below.

Oscar's Tush

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  1. I expect people would estimate their own IQ to be at least 110 on average, especially net-users. It's not interesting if you think it's a sure bet that you're smarter.

  2. .

    That's a good point. We are all the children of Lake Wobegon.

  3. I used to think you were a fairly intelligent man. Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I understand that you are a fairly unintelligent woman.

    The things ya learn....