What'll happen 2008


Lady Steed says gas will hit $4.50 a gallon--happily she's wrong, but, unhappily, not by much

No Country for Old Men will win best picture

At least three Olympic athletes will pass out during track-&-field events: cause traced to air quality

Democrats will get smart and select Obama, which will a) deflate centrist movements and b) allow a squeaker of a win over Romney

Get Smart will have the biggest opening for a Steve Carell film ever

A major terrorist attack thwarted in the UK

Bush will personally pull this year's "October surprise"

Cheney will be hospitalized

Rates for house foreclosures will hit record highs

The 2008 network tv season will suck

Both Tupac and Biggie will release new albums

Lemony Snicket will publish a story to help some chartable organization

From the moment we buy a new car, I will have buyer's remorse for the next six months, precisely

That car will (gasp) be an American brand

The Big O will start reading his favorite books

Large S will not

America will experience it's first cyberattack which won't be well coordinated enough to cause major damage, but, in response, the Dow will fall well over a thousand points and NASDAQ at least fie hundred

Apple will announce a foray into ebooks

Britney Spears will be hospitalized for something absolutely unsurprising

Nothing but sad personal news from Amy Winehouse

The Patriots will choke in the fourth quarter

I won't watch the World Series--or even know it's happening until it's half over

HD screens will cost 60% on December 31 what they do today

WALL-E will make more than Ratatouille but less than The Incredibles

We will buy a rug for the living room

Lady Steed will fret about ants 235% more than I will

Master Fob will be a published librarian

Three more bloggers on my sidelist will go private

A documentary on bats will make you weep like a baby

Also, you will meet someone tall dark and handsome
who will lay you out
with a blackjack



  1. My Favorite Prediction - Patriots choking. They'll choke to the Colts who will then go on to win the super bowl. I eliminated my music specifically so you could see the updates on my blog. However you never stopped by, thus, the music will shortly return.

  2. .

    I didn't know!

    Also, I lost the link to your blog.

    But now I have it again, via your husband.

  3. .

    Oh, also, um, I'm not invited to your blog. I had forgotten that happened to me....

  4. you are now officially invited... If you scroll down the postings you can see a full bearded Josh...

  5. Hooray for me!

    How will avocado fare in the election?

  6. Another prediction:

    Blogger will add a feature allowing me to set a preference having all comment threads I've commented on emailed to me without having to remember to check the box.

  7. Sounds like I have a lot to look forward to this year.

    I'm all good with the tall dark stranger--just not the blackjack.

  8. Does the TV prediction really count as a prediction? It seems more like a given to me.

    I like the Obama prediction, though. That could be 'cause I don't like Hillary, but then again, it could be 'cause I'd love to see Obama elected.

    So many could bes . . .

  9. Sounds like you should make a fortune on InTrade.

  10. .

    Yes, but it wouldn't be fair for me to play.

  11. You're good. You're very good.


  12. .

    I'm off to a good start.

  13. I can see (and would like to see) Obama, but Romney? Do you really think he has a chance of being the Republican nominee?

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    I think if all the primaries were held today, he would win. But I also think both parties are so volatile and confused right now, anything's possible. McCain's back in the race, for instance.

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    I've been thinking about this since my quick-offed reply, and I have to say, although Huckabee hasn't a prayer in New Hampshire, winning Iowa makes him the new posterchild of the Far Right. Their perceived power has taken a hit, but they still are a force to be reckoned with. If he can maintain that Iowa-bestowed sense of destiny, he has a serious shot.

    But if he takes the nomination, then Obama would win handily. Someone perceived as further left, Clinton or, especially, Edward, would reempower centrist movements like Unity08 and they could make a much stronger showing, throwing the final election to the dice.

    Or so it seems to me.

  16. Have you seen this one?


    Also, things that WON'T happen: