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Michael BloombergWith the unfortunate demise of Unity08 (which in many ways is good, as indicative of the parties' recognition that we're tired of hyperpartisanship), people's attention (notably two Unity08 founders' attention) is shifting rather forcefully to New York mayor Michael Bloomberg who, for all his naysaying, is obviously this close to running for president as an independent.

I don't know enough about Bloomberg to compare him to the parties' frontrunners, and I have a pinko distrust of the very rich, but there's a lot I like about Bloomberg. And a lot of what I like about him can be summed up in one name: George Washington.

Washington is among our greatest presidents for one reason above all others: He served only because he knew he was the best person in America to be president at that moment, and he had absolutely no ambition to be more than what all those crazy Constitution-writing optimists dreamed of. And only that for two terms.

It's hard to imagine that a billionaire could be without ambition, but Bloomberg doesn't go for the trappings of pride. I'm a total sucker for things like his desk habit: Instead of sitting in the fancy mayor's office, he and all his senior officials take little desks in a big room filled with desks just like all the other schmoes in city government. I like to think that's not just a savvy management decision but also indicative of his character.

I've been thinking lately about America's rather shockingly unimpressive economic credentials (I mean--we're much bigger and much more populated and much better resourced than race-winner Japan), which is a big part of the reason I find Romney compelling. I think someone like a Romney or Bloomberg who has spent a lifetime figuring out how to make things efficient and functioning would be a very good sort of person to put in charge of an organization as bloated and overgrown as our federal government.

I'm no economist, nor could I impress anyone with my credentials as a historian, so I can't judge the plans being put forth by the candidates from either of those perspectives. Like most Americans, my vote will be based as much on gut and instinct and feel as it will anything intelligent. Sure, I'll be doing my research over the coming months but I won't be getting a doctorate in campaign-promise makesensibleness. And, unlike our current commander-in-chief, I can't see into anyone's soul.

Like a lot of things, the best principle to lean towards when voting is By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them.

It's time to start looking closely at their fruits.

Washington's have proven excellent.


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