I remember the first time I ever found myself developing a celebrity crush. It was 1999 and I was single at BYU and watching VH1's top ten countdown everyday so I could watch the pretty girl ask me to kiss her.

It was a weird feeling--falling in love with silver screen or celluloid really wasn't something I tended towards, but I was totally in love with this Sixpence girl. Of course, her voice had a lot to do with that, but also. Well. You saw her.

I've blogged about Myrna Loy before, so I'll just say this clip is from a movie that, as it has Cary Grant in it, makes Lady Steed and me even.

And I love this clip. I think it's hilarious.

Next up: Miranda Otto as Eowyn. Holy smokes.

And having said "Miranda Otto as Eowyn. Holy smokes," it might be a good time for me to point out that many of the reasons she appeals to me are similarities she shares with Lady Steed. In fact, it's quite clear to me that all my standards of beauty are based on the LSI and I can't help but to wonder if it has ever been so. And if so, why I wasn't a stalker from the moment I first met her....

Anyway, this clip is her great feminist moment (worth noting: even Weta's effects look crappy on YouTube) and does not feature Viggo. But his performance in these movies makes them a fair trade also.

Last, our beloved Tina Fey, who's specs alone are enough to get her a good LSI score and whose 30 Rock you should go watch right now if you haven't already. She's fabulous.

But did you catch her on Sesame Street?

Now you can:


  1. Em and I enjoyed the sesame street clip. I've always loved tina Fey. Just last week I realized that there was a 1st season of 30 rock we didn't know about, and I stayed up late a couple nights watching the whole thing. that show is brilliant.

  2. I think that sixpence song may have been one of my most played songs of 1999. Funny how I didn't kiss anyone that year...

  3. It's funny to hear someone describe color in a black and white film. Funny clip.