In praise of slobber


It depends, does it not
From whose mouth it may drop?
Whether icky and gross
Or sublime and utmost?

Some slobber is funny;
Some sends me off running.
Some cause me grimaces
Others? Halfway to blisseses!

That dog leaves me shiny and wet;
That dog's evaporates off as I pet
Baby on finger is cute, quite adorable!
Baby on finger and wrist and forearm and elbow and bicep and shoulder and tshirt? Deplorable.

Yes, slobber is dandy, slobber is great.
Just not some places, like here on my plate.


  1. What if it's your own slobber on your plate? Isn't that indicative of an most enjoyable meal?

  2. Very cute! What about kissing slobber? I know. Kinda gross. But reality.