Here's a picture for you.....


People are flocking to Thmusings by way of Google Image Search which I find mystifying. Since when did I become The Great Repository of Jpgs? Very mysterious.

Anyway, in honor of my new role, here's a picture for you:

Dante by Dore

So, um, this is Dante and his main chick staring into the glory of heaven. It's the happy ending Inferno totally failed to deliver.

It's a Doré and it's pretty nice.

So, um, come again soon? You're welcome back any time, of course. And, ah, we have words too, you know....


  1. "Dante and his main chick"??

    You disappoint. I would have thought you surely would have known her name is Beatrice . . .

  2. I knew if I kept coming to your blog from that search you'd eventually come through for me. Thanks.

  3. .

    Of course I know her name. I just didn't want to check the spelling. And, Sam, you're welcome.

  4. That is a very pretty picture.