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During sacrament meting, one speaker referenced an essay titled "Why the Church Is as True as the Gospel" which, alas, I can no longer attribute authorship to. But the guy was a grad student at Stanford and later moved to Minnesota. Hope that helps.

Anyway, the gist of it was that anything that gets us to socialize with people and serve people and love people we normally wouldn't associate with must be good for us. Learning to accept a leader who may be petty or mean or unrighteous is good for us, as is learning, when it is our turn to lead, that we too can be petty or mean or unrighteous is good for us. All these interactions with people and activities outside our personal norms make as grow as people.


During our ever-excellent Sunday School this week, we talked about what Nephi means by deliverance and how his perception of God slowly evolved from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to Christ. It was interesting. I loved Primary, but it's nice to be with the grownups and to think big eternal thoughts. Or try to, anyway.


The Big O just asked me what svithing is, and I told him it's my way of saying Thank you Heavenly Father for letting my have high-speed internet. Which is pretty the most accurate reason I could give.

He also told me he likes our house. Especially the black spots in the bathroom.

And now you know what Jesus meant when he said to be as a little child: for no man hath charity enough to love mildew. It takes a child to pull that off.

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  1. I have that one bookmarked

  2. big... eternal .... thoughts.... yea. haven't had any of those recently.

  3. So do I need to repent for being a janitor, which requires me to commit fungicide on a fairly regular basis?

  4. LOVE that talk, we got it this afternoon and read it. VERY well written! We miss you in primary also, but I will secretly be happy to be with the adults again someday too!

  5. I was just going to go tell you to read more Eugene England, but other people beat me to the punch. I also like his collection Dialogues with Myself. It has an excellent essay about blacks and the priesthood called "The Mormon Cross". If you're going to be on AML List you really should be familiar with Eugene :)

  6. .

    Look at you people! What handy friends I have!

  7. Why neither The Church or The Gospel are True.

    And now, speaking of things that haven't been delivered: I'm waiting for a certain parcel. . . Any ETA on that yet?

  8. .


    My topic is death after all: I'm still waiting to hear back from the experts, viz, Houdini and Descartes.

  9. Yeah, I meant to make a punny joke on that in a PM, but I didn't want to put any pressure on you. I've since changed my mind. ;)