Last Saturday was our ward's annual Mormon Casserole Cookoff. I signed up but couldn't make my original plan and ran out of time in the early stages of my second. But had I finished both, the poor schmucks I worship with would have been treated to the ultimate showdown:

Eric's Cheesy Cajun Pumpkin Stroganoff
The Fancy-Pants Cowboy's Painful Breakfast Casserole

It should be understood that these are not classic Mormon casseroles of ancient date. The name "Eric", for instance, does not imply some guy named Eric has been making that stroganoff for years. No. Those titles represent the direction my culinary genius was headed last week.

In my opinion, Church functions are no time for tried-and-true dishes. They're perfect instead for experimenting. No one takes a lot of any one thing, so if they hate it, no loss. And since lots of people take those little bits, it'll all be gone, so no nasty leftovers.

But I'm a firm believer that either of my casseroles would have been a delight to eat.

Take it on faith, baby.

Delicious, delicious faith.


  1. I think you're going to need to put your money where your mouth is! When are we going to get to taste test these delicious dishes of yours?

  2. Seriously. At least post some recipes!

  3. .

    Maybe I will, maybe I will.

  4. So...what did you make?

    Or did you just go and try everyone else's experimental dishes without contributing to the pool...hmmmm???

    And my word verification says "dogprr". This is not a sign from God indicating ingredients for the next casserole masterpiece.

  5. My ward doesn't ever give such chances for experimentation.

    Possibly because the bishop wants us all to stay alive enough to date each other.

  6. .

    That's a shame. There's nothing like caring for the food-poisoned among you for building lasting relationships.

    And yes, Sam, I'm afraid I did. But your comment is getting the ole juices flowing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I fully support recipe trying for church functions. I think that is going to be a new goal- New recipie every function. I'm sure my branch will be grateful.

  8. .

    They will love you for it.

    Act now and you can be the first church cooker of a pumpkin stroganoff!