Packing my bags

I'm giving notice today before I leave work. I told them Monday it would be happening soon, but I thought we had a couple weeks before everything fell into place. Not so.

After Labor Day, I begin teaching at Bedrock High School.

I've spent the last couple of hours backing up as many of my stories as I could find. The number came to 105 (or so, depending on how you count). I found some really terrific stuff I had forgotten all about and some totally forgettable stuff as well.

I've looked at the last year as something as a creative quagmire since I haven't even finished reworking my book proposal as requested by the publisher, but now, looking at this body of work, I'm rethinking that. I really did a goodly amount of stuff. Even if it was all timely and now dead>.

The 105 is a very small percentage of the stories I actually worked on while at the News, but they represent the ones I felt I had a significant hand in creating.

I recommend a year stint as a reporter to anyone (althugh, really, I wasn't a reporter that whole time). I learned a lot of stuff I would have remained clueless about otherwise, stepped into some bizarre controversies, and won the respect of people whose respect really means something.

And now, if I've learned anything as a journalist, it must be this.


  1. I just actually made this recommendation on someone else's blog, but I'll make it on yours, too. If you want to read a really funny story about teaching, there's one in David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day. I think that it's called "The Learning Curve." Anyway. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a new teacher. Or a relatively new teacher. I really have no idea how long you've been teaching.

  2. I'll I've done is subbing.

    I've never read David Searis, just listened to him on This American Life and that short story show on NPR where he read a really funny piece of fiction where he was mistaken for a serial killer.

    Actually no. I think I read the Santaland Diaries.....

    I'll have to stop by the library. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. So will you and Lady Steed and the Big O be moving to the town of Bedrock? (I hear it's a great place to have a gay old time.)

  4. .

    We may well yabbadabbado.