Dancing across the blogosphere


So Lady Steed and I took the Big O to Tahoe last week, far away from the online world. Then we rendezvoused with Master Fob and Foxy J and their spawn who now has hair and will make a suitable mate for the Big O in about twenty years. We had a) fun and b) sitting around. Which means it was a well rounded vacation, I think.

Master Fob and Foxy J convinced me (inadvertently, I think) to stop being self conscious about this blogging crap. This after hearing nothing from Lady Steed about how dull my blog is.

This I already knew.

Now, on top of everything, I discovered that Nemesis says she is excited to read my blog -- so I'm feeling a lot of pressure to spice things up. Especially since Nemesis can slay vicious monkeys at forty paces with her wit.

First step of course, is to come up with a better name for this thing. I'm working on that.

The pressure of being read by someone whom I happen to know is widely beloved ought to be motivating.

The first coup, of course, will be getting that kind of love from Lady Steed.

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