Keep on Celebrating!


Good news everyone! August is also National Pain Awareness Month!

I learned this by reading an article that was just sent to the paper via email by a women's-health lobby (because bigshot legislators follow our lead on most issues).

Actually, the article is apropos of conversations Lady Steed and I have had recently and, as we were about to buy a megasized bottle of ibuprofin on Saturday, apropos of our planned shopping as well.

Of course, being a man and spending six to eight hours a day laughing at such trivialities as pain, I find all this bemusing at best.

"Ho ho," I say, in the grand tradition of such manly men as Teddy Roosevelt. "Pain!"

The reason men need a room of their own incidentally, is not to write, but to nurse their wounds away from prying feminine eyes.

Or so I hear.


  1. I find it horribly ironic that August is both National Pain Awareness month and Breastfeeding Month. Unfortunately those two things can go together all too well.

  2. Emotional pain, or physical pain?

    There really should be some kind of emotional asprin...

    (I guess that's Zoloft, huh?)

  3. .

    There're plenty of other-counter-stuff too. As well as over-the-street-corner stuff.