National Punctuation Day


So here it is, a half-hour to five on National Punctuation Day, and the parade still hasn't come by. I spent all day slaving over my sign and practicing chants like practicing chants like "Hey hey! Ho ho! Mindless ... have got to go!" and "A pox on your '!" and "Keep your filthy :s to yourself!"

But instead I have sat here alone, a single reveler on this most groundbreaking of holidays.

Next year no doubt, it will be neutered as was Armistice Day, given a new name like Period Day that leave bystanders confused as to what this day actually celebrates.


And I was hoping next year I could promote reintroduction of the interrobang. I don't care if Lynne Truss disagrees with me on the beauty of and need for this mark. I like it.

Also: I like marsupials.


  1. Wow, that is one pretty interrobang you linked.

  2. Thank you. It made my wife love me again.

  3. OK. I need to hear about the licorice.