Corrupting my child


Last night after I came home from work, the Big O and I sat in front of the tv and broke out our new first season DVD of the Muppet Show and plopped down to watch the first-ever episode featuring a still pasty Miss Piggy (I suppose Frank Oz hadn't learned how to apply makeup yet) and guest star Juliet Prowse. The show wasn't quite as funny as, say, lobster banditos attacking the Swedish Chef (funniest thing ever), but I laughed out loud many times.

After it was over, O decided he wanted to watch Donald Duck instead. Now, nothing against Donald, but the funniest line we heard from a Muppet was Rowlf saying "Where were you?" -- which you can't get out of context, suggesting the Muppets are a but more intellectually rigorous than Donald, who got the biggest rise out of me by saying "Jackass." (Really.)

Of course, what we should have been watching was the Marx Brothers. This was what I watched with him before he took an interest in moving pictures, and now that we have twelve Marx Brothers movies (eight of which I have not seen in their entirety), you would think we could prioritize.

Or we could go outside....


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    I'll tell you what's stupid:

    When I link to a site and it redirects. Why would it do that? Shouldn't it be happy I'm sending traffic its way?

    The link for the Muppet Show was awful perty too...

  2. The Big O? Does that have any reference to the show, are you saying he's a giant robot?

    Also, Duck Soup is the best Marx Brothers movie, if you haven't watched that one yet, hop to it, it's grand.

  3. I love Duck Soup. I think it's my favorite but it's hard to choose. Really hard. And no, the Big O is just the blogname for my son.

    Have you ever, like Harpo, gone around and tricking people into holding your leg?

    I would, but I'm afraid I'ld get arrested.