Demon-free real estate


As I was just driving back from the desert to our beautiful island nation of Tehachapi, I saw a billboard posted about three feet from nowhere lauding a Century 21 guy for being a "top producer."

I suppose this is supposed to make me, as a potential customer, feel his competence--how much he obviously loves people since he sells so many of them homes.

But ha.

The real estate people are so lost in their world of gold jackets and platinum pins that they don't realize that this billboard makes me, Theric, feel that this broker is the sort of chap who could sell prime Rosamond real estate to a rice farmer.

Not comforting to a sucker like me. I feel pressure to buy when a cashier catches me glancing at a Snickers bar.

Good for sellers, I suppose, and good for the agent, but me? How is this good for me?



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