I do love me some hypocrisy!


Dang! I keep forgetting to post this!

Well, it's not too late, thankfully.

This spread appeared in The Nation two months ago. Below it are links to the article (about how evil it is that nice vacations are only for rich people) and the costs of the cruise for The Nation's favored few advertised on the same page.


Hypocritical editors.....

"This Land Is Their Land" by Barbara Ehrenreich
Interestingly, the most expensive berths are already sold out.


  1. Delicious!

    This reminds me of another delectable tidbit I ran into yesterday:

    "And now, in order to complete his hypocrisy trifecta, Al Gore may now be extending his excessive consumption to the water as well. In an amazing display of conspicuous consumption, even for Al Gore, his new 100-foot houseboat that docks at the Hurricane Marina in Smithville, Tennessee is creating a critical buzz among many of his former congressional constituents. Dubbed "Bio-Solar One," which may reflect some latent Air Force One envy, Gore has proudly strutted the small-town dock claiming that his monstrous houseboat is environmentally friendly. (Only Al Gore would name his boat B.S. One and not get the joke. Or perhaps the joke is on us?)"

    Al Gore's new houseboat

  2. Ehrenreich's Nickeled and Dimed drove me nuts.

  3. .

    I just finally got a copy--hopefully I'll read it this year sometime.

  4. .

    Just read the article, RC. Gore never ceases to amaze me.